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Preveza is too strongly reminiscent island and is surrounded by sea on three sides and also has a marina. The narrow streets and neoclassical buildings are some of the features. Also very close is Aktion Acarnania with which it is connected via the underwater tunnel.

Kouros Hotel Preveza The Vrachos Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in the prefecture of Preveza and Greece in general. The combination with the green, golden sands and crystal clear waters, leaving you the best impression and prepares for a superb getaway.

The sights in this area are many and of great interest. Nameless natural beauty, rich in history and deep archaeological value. All that is needed on your side is appetite, time and good mood. Apart from beautiful beaches our area is full of unparalleled natural beauty, rich recent as well as archaeological history, lost in the depths of time. You will find more information in the hotel.

Aheron river is one of the most important sights in the area. It combines natural beauty with archaeological interest, in ancient times it was the river of the souls (before Aheron it's worth visiting the Nekromantio, it's on your way). You can sit at the small taverns by the river, go up and swim in the river bed or walk the paths to Aheron springs.